Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Option: Sanded Breckenridge Siding

Original Eichler Siding that was used on Eichler homes from the 1950's onward was a smooth face not a resawn face like common siding is today.  The designers choose a sanded face because it retains the modern clean appearance the sought after. Sometimes after multiple coats of paint this is difficult to tell.  But a close examination in an area protected from the elements will reveal this is true.

Until recently the only smooth face option for homeowners and contractors replacing Eichler siding was to use our MDO (Medium Density Overlay).  This is a very high quality material and when primed and top-coated is very weather resistant.  The problem however is that it has no wood grain appearance at all.  And for some customers this is not acceptable.  Additionally, MDO is only available for Thinline.

However, beginning this year, in 2012, we finally have found a source for sanded, smooth face Breckenridge siding.  This is the very same material we have used over the years for both our Thinline and Wideline patterns, but now it has a sanded face.  This option provides a beautiful wood grain surface which is a great match to the original Eichler look.

The good news is that it is only a few dollars more in cost per sheet.  To be sure, some still prefer the semi-smooth/resawn texture of the original Breckenridge siding.  And in some cases if your current siding shows considerable weathering, sometimes the non-sanded version is the better option.

Check out the Breckenridge sanded panel exclusively offered by Eichler Siding and we think you will agree it is a great option to consider.

Lastly, if you are not an Eichler homeowner, but are looking for a smooth faced material for either V-groove interior or exterior use, or some other pattern and need a smooth face, Breckenridge Sanded panels are a great option.

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